Huma Solutions Consulting offers a variety of services to fit the varied needs of our customers, from lightweight and low footprint expert support, to full life-cycle soup-to-nuts software development.

Custom Development

Huma Solutions provides full life cycle application development services to our customers. From analysis and design, through implementation and quality assurance, our team have real world experience across a wide breadth of business areas and technologies. Huma Solutions’ areas of expertise include debugging; project planning and project management; application architecture and design; software implementation.


Architecture assessment and development
Creative Design (UI and UX)
Full life-cycle software development
Debugging and Performance tuning
Database design and development


Windows 8, Windows Phone and Mobile
Microsoft .NET and WinRT
SQL Server
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Windows Communication Services (WCF)


In the competitive world of today, a great functional web application is not enough – you also need a great design. Something that’s user friendly, intuitive to use, and grabs the attention of your customers. Huma Solutions can help with design services to complement your software development needs. Or just let us help out with the design while you build your own code. From concept and branding, to design mockups, graphic design and implementation, Huma Solutions brings top design skills to the table.
Huma Solutions offers a suite of creative design services to complement your software development needs, from concept and branding, to design mockups, graphic design, and implementation.

Digital Strategy

This is the high level concept part of your design strategy. What will your web site’s overall concept be? Will it be a video-focused type of site, or a basic site with video or animation components? What about branding and getting the word out in the marketplace via leveraging search or social networking platforms? When you want help coming up with the big picture, we can help.

User Experience Design and Interactive Development

Over the last decade, user experience, or UX, has become distinguished as a separate concept from the pure “look and feel” of a web site or online media application. UX design deals with the flow and usability of the online experience (rather than, say, what colors or layout is put in place). Huma Solutions has experts in user experience design that will help make your application not just nice to look at, but fun and engaging for your customers to use, helping you to build your online buzz – and your online business.

Visual & Content Design

This is the nuts and bolts stuff. Building and implementing the content for your chosen design, and creating the graphic elements, colors and themes, icons, pictures and video. Huma Solutions graphic designers take the design concepts put in place by our joint team and make them a reality.


Let Huma Solutions help you build better software, faster, tackling the tough projects and solving the software and technology questions that can bog a development team down and cause your schedule to slip. To do this we have structured our company as a dedicated team of technology experts accompanied by the top tier of software engineers, and we are recognized as a leader in mission critical architecture, design and development.

Our consultants work in the real world, on projects crossing many industries and technologies, and our services are provided by some of the industry’s leading experts. Our staff includes a team of Microsoft MVPs.

All of this has earned us respect as one of Microsoft’s top partners, and we work with them through a variety of programs, including Architecture Councils, the Microsoft Partner Program, the Windows 8 and the Windows Mobile Phone Applications, the Azure Circle partner program, and many more.

Extreme Support

Sometimes you need the top expertise in the industry to provide critical information to your team, or to review and validate the architecture of that mission critical system you’re building – the one that “must work or else.” Huma Solutions provides access to these top-tier experts through the Huma Solutions Extreme Support. These are the industry experts who write the books or who have worked directly with Microsoft and other top vendors to build and architect the major industry software platforms. When you absolutely need help from the best in the business – when your job or your project’s success is on the line – Huma Solutions can help.

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes you don’t need an entire project team to drive your development effort. You just need the right skill at the right time and you want to manage the development process within your own organization. In these cases, Huma Solutions can provide the needed resources while letting you manage your project and schedule. Our consultants have deep skills in object oriented design, cutting edge architectures such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Microsoft .NET and WinRT technologies, and database design and development.

Our Services

Huma Solutions is your Vancouver website development services agency building profitable online businesses using the best of web technology with inspiring minds

We are adept in building mobile apps that are specific to your business requirements and accelerate your business’ online marketing plan. We ensure that the app design is also in sync with your brand image and offers an easy-to-use and navigation user interface.

The goal of an ecommerce website is to provide a secure and enjoyable buying experience on the website. By creating sites with interactive interfaces that engage consumers we make it easy for them to use your services. We always ensure that you have the best ecommerce platform to sell your products, secure online transactions and protect valuable customer information from theft or mismanagement.

Huma Solutions is adept in developing custom applications that are tailored to fit your business requirements. We specialize in designing, developing, deploying as well as optimizing custom business and web applications to suit your business processes. These apps not only provide you an inter-connected interface but also automate several business processes at a time.

Huma Solution offers effective and result-oriented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) paid marketing such as PPC, ad campaigns and social media optimization to ensure prominent online visibility and exposure for our clients.

We’re proud to be a truly Canadian IT Company and have taken strides to provide our services. No matter where you are, we are able to help service your IT needs. We offer big time IT solutions with a local, community appeal.

Web Design

We are a highly experienced professional team that specialise in delivering high-end web solutions

UI Design

We are experts in user interface design, enabling easy navigation for users

Search Engine Optimization

We are Search Engine Optimisation masterminds.

Whole System Design

We design, develop and host, handling all of your online requirements in one efficient place

Main Technologies

Desktop & Mobile APP Development

Native Mobile App Development for Multiple Platforms

  • Release your app to all major phone & tablet platforms
  • Develop Once, Deploy to Multiple Platforms
  • Experts in iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android & Windows Phone

Cross-Platform Game App Development for Mobile Devices

  • Create game apps using HTML5, Unity, PhoneGap, Adobe Flex
  • Deployed over 100 apps to Windows Store
Intranet Development


Develop Apps to increase productivity, link people with data seamlessly

Internet Development

Website Design

We create your vision
Responsive Web Design, Social Media Integration, Secure Payment
HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, ColdFusion
WordPress, AngularJS

Database and Reporting


Make sense of & secure your data
SQL Server, MySQL, Azure
Database Development, Reporting, Analysis, Web Services and WCF
SSRS, Crystal Reports, Telerik Reports