13 10, 2016

Angular 2 by Angular Academy

Amir Ahani from Huma Solutions attended Angular 2 course offered by Laurent Duveau in Angular Academy. Laurent is a Microsoft Regional Director (RD), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

23 09, 2016

Scott Guthrie (Vice President – Microsoft) and Amir Ahani (Huma Solutions)

Scott Guthrie is a corporate vice president in Microsoft, where he is responsible for delivering the development platform for Windows Azure, as well as the .NET Framework and Visual Studio technologies used in building Web and server applications. As a founding member of the .NET project, Guthrie has played a key role in the [...]

21 09, 2016

Improving and Optimizing WPF Application Performance

Use Controls with UI Virtualization When You Display Large Data If you bind a combo box with large number of rows, it would make the rendering of the items in the combo box pretty slow. The slowness is caused by the time taken to compute the position of each item in such a situation. [...]

21 09, 2016

WPF Profiling Tools

Profiling a WPF application is an important step to understanding its behavior. There are lots of tools in the market for profiling WPF applications. Here is a small compilation of such tools: Snoop WPFPerf Perforator Visual Profiler The Perforator, Visual Profiler is part of the WPF Performance Suite.

11 05, 2016


Amir Ahani presented some advanced topics regarding the XAML and WPF at DevTeach in Vancouver. DevTeach stands for Developers Teaching. It is a conference done by developers for developers. It offers the elements of an international conference and the elements of a community event. DevTeach provides an accessible conference to all developers of small and large enterprises with [...]