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What is Huma?

The word Huma (or Homa) is reflected in old Humāya in Shahnameh (the book of kings). Sufi people believe that “in the word Huma, hu represents spirit, and the word mah originates from “Ma’a” which means water.”

The Huma bird is referred to as bird of paradise. The Huma is named as bird of fortune since its shadow is said to be auspicious. The shadow (or the alighting) of the Huma bird on a person’s head or shoulder were said to bestow (or foretell) kingship. Accordingly, the feathers decorating the turbans of kings were said to be plumage of the Huma bird. Sufi teacher Inayat Khan gives the bestowed-kingship legend a spiritual dimension: “Its true meaning is that when a person’s thoughts so evolve that they break all limitation, then he becomes as a king. It is the limitation of language that it can only describe the Most High as something like a king.”

In Sufi tradition, catching the Huma is even beyond the wildest imagination, but catching a glimpse of it or even a shadow of it is sure to make one happy for the rest of his/her life. The huma statue can be seen in Persepolis.

Who Are We?

Huma Solutions was founded by a technology expert who is renowned in the industry, with the goal of providing the highest level of custom software development, architecture, and training expertise to clients of Huma Solutions.

In the training world, we are one of the top trainers on the Microsoft platform in Canada. With Huma Solutions, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the hands of some of the industry’s most respected and sought-after experts. We will have you writing real-world code tomorrow and shipping products that work right the first time. If you have a problem that no one else can solve, or need training to get your developers up to speed on new technologies, give us a call.

Our Core Competencies

Microsoft Full Stack 100
Presentation Layer (AngularJS, React, WPF) 100
Code Debugging and Auditing 100
Performance 100
Native and Cross-Platform Code Development 100
Our mission is to help customers “build better software, faster,” and to do this we have structured our company as a dedicated team of technology experts accompanied by the top tier of software engineers. In the consulting arena, Huma Solutions is recognized as a leader in mission critical architecture, design and development, and we have worked with major companies on large enterprise systems across the country and around the world. Our staff includes a team of Microsoft MVPs, and our Consulting Director is the Microsoft Regional Director. Our team works on creating a strong infrastructure based on Microsoft best practices by developing solutions once and delivering it to different platforms. We are continuously reviewing new software tools and techniques, to ensure that our solutions exceed expectations.
Our goal is to offer innovative and state of the art solutions for the latest portable device platforms. By using our strong team of experts, we strive to deliver optimal solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.
Our solutions are simple to use, are aesthetically appealing, and will last forever.
We work closely with Microsoft to ensure that our clients are provided with the highest level of service and expertise and offer associated professional services.

Microsoft Partner

You can have confidence in us as a software consulting company who has earned a Microsoft Partner Solution Provider competency status because

  • our engineers and consultants all have the technical depth and professional background to have attained Microsoft competencies
  • our business is reliable and experienced working with Microsoft technologies, products and services
  • we have access to more Microsoft training and support resources than non-partner firms
  • we have demonstrated a high level of customer satisfaction as part of the Partnership certification process

Meet Our Team

Amir Ahani - C#, ASP.NET MVP
Amir Ahani - C#, ASP.NET MVP Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
Amir started his career in 1993 working as a software developer. Since then he has been working as a senior software engineer or product manager for companies such as Motion Metrics International Corp, SEON, NOKIA, NORPAC, and Microsoft. He has been teaching advanced Microsoft courses at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) since 2002. He is also a member of the following communities: ASQ, APICS, PMI, .netBC, NPA, and ITAC.
Amir specializes in Microsoft technologies and spends most of his time either leading different teams in Huma Solutions or teaching Microsoft programming courses across Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle-East, and the United States. Over the years, Amir has developed hands-on experience and skills in architecting and building desktop, distributed systems for mining industry and for multi-transnational systems.
Yaroslav Pentsarskyy - SharePoint MVP
Yaroslav Pentsarskyy - SharePoint MVPMicrosoft Most Valuable Professional
Yaroslav has been involved in SharePoint solution architecture and implementation since 2003. As a Microsoft SharePoint MVP since 2009, Yaroslav keeps in close touch with SharePoint product team. Yaroslav frequently presents at local and worldwide tech events as well as online; you can always find a fresh bit of SharePoint information on his blog: www.sharemuch.com. To learn everything Yaroslav knows about SharePoint, check out his books:
* Rapid SharePoint 2013 Collaboration Solution Development and Deployment
* Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Windows PowerShell 2.0: Expert Cookbook
* SharePoint 2010 branding in practice: a guide for web developers
* Top 60 custom solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
John Huang - SQL Server MVP
John Huang - SQL Server MVPMicrosoft Most Valuable Professional
John Huang is an SQL Server expert, the only Microsoft SQL Server MVP owning Microsoft Certified Master/Microsoft Certified Solution Master of SQL Server credential in Canada. He has designed hundreds of database systems, and wrote millions of lines of T-SQL as well as C# and Delphi code since year 1994. He is specialized in database/data warehouse infrastructure design including but not limited to high availability, disaster recovery, and replication, high concurrency and data warehouse system design and complex data processing, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and T-SQL coding. John is passionate about SQL Server. He spoke at local and virtual SQL PASS chapters, SQL Saturdays, DevTeach, TechFest, and TechDays in many cities in US and Canada as well as other countries, provided free training sessions for software companies, founded Victoria SQL PASS user group, and blogs at http://www.sqlnotes.info.

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